Frequently Asked Questions


How spicy is Scarlet Fire®? 

Scarlet Fire® original hot sauce is a medium-heat sauce. Fresno peppers are the predominant chili, with a heat similar to a jalapeno. Habanero and Thai chilies add a little kick, while carrot adds a touch of sweetness. The Scoville rating is under 2000.  Future releases will include both hotter and milder sauces. Stay tuned. 

Is Scarlet Fire® organic? 

The current batch is made with organic vinegar, carrots, and garlic. All other ingredients are non GMO. This is subject to change, depending on availability. 

Can I find Scarlet Fire® in stores?

Not yet, but hopefully soon! 

Can I buy a sticker? 

At this time, stickers are only available as part of the gift box (when available). Stickers are not available for sale. 

Why don't you sell merch? 

Scarlet Fire is a one (wo)man operation. I don't have the bandwith to add merchandise to the store at this time, but maybe in the future. 

Thank you for your support! Send a message with any other questions.